Welcome to our company Cremona Inoxidable S.A. is a company focused on manufacturing equipment and accesories for food processing plants in general, and products for meat and cold meat processing lines in particular. Founded in 1905, it has been in the Argentine and South American markets for over 100 years. In 2001, through its Creminox brand, it expanded its business by exporting to Central and North America, as well as to Europe. Our entire line of products meets the highest international quality requirements and provides a technologically advanced solution with sanitary guarantee, which allows us to meet our most demanding clients’ needs in terms of price, quality and reliability.
We took part in the most important meat and food fairs: AMI 2001/03/05; IFFA 2004/07 and in all major regional fairs. We have representatives in every country where we have marketed our products to provide our clients with commercial support, startup service and effective after-sales service.
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