Transport Devices

Marketed only in Argentina

Batea de 170 litros de capacidad – B 224

Batea de 170 litros de capacidad con angulos internos totalmente sanitarios.

Transport trolley – Z 491

Transport trolley for different boxes and goods.

Carts – Z434

Car Bats 750 lb capacity with double floor, total thickness 5 millimeters and reinforcements for mounting the wheels

Oven trolley – Z 906

330 and 600kg oven cart, with 7 load levels, mounted on 6 nylon pivoted wheels.
To cook sausages, hams, wieners, bacon, etc

Transporter platform – Z 494

Transporter platform sizes: 40″ x 20″, or 47″x 23 5/8″.

Trays transport carts – C 732/G

Sanitary tray carrier with 9 and 14 load levels, nylon an polyurethane wheels. Ideal to carry food in plants and supermarkets.

Trays transport carts C 732/S

Trays transport carts, 9 and 14 load levels, equipped with nylon and polyurethane wheels. Used as transport food trays in supermarkets.

600 lb dump buggie – Z 640 300

4 pivoted wheels. -Botton reinforced with 3 mm stainless steel. -Optional: with dripguard. Meets USDA standars.

Exhibitors carts3 Levels– C 216

Exhibitors carts with 3 load levels.

Transport carts – C 435

Transport carts for plastic bins.

Stainless steel pallets – P 806

Stainless steel pallets with 4 legs

Aluminum pallets – P 807

Aluminum Pallets Capacity 2640 lb

Transport trolley for trays – P 377

Transport trolley for trays