System cooking

Water immersion sausages cooking system


Water immersion sausages cooking systems applied for products that are stuffed in waterproof guts have following characteristics:

  • Shorter cooking time
  • Higher uniformity of products temperature.
  • Less energy consumption.
  • Minor investment.

Thanks to the excellent heat transference between water and product, system allows water cooking processes to cook in shorter times having a direct effect on energy saving levels and the reduction of processes times.
Likewise , taking advantage of the great fluency of water and well developed water distribution system inside cooking systems, it also enables to reduce temperature range among different products of same batch to minimum values close to 1 C.




Structural characteristics

Creminox’s water cooking systems , based on the excellent water properties as energy conductor and applied to those equipments specifically designed for this purpose, get to increase the benefits of this system . Main structural characteristics of our equipments are:

  • Inside water distribution system that guarantee a permanent water-product energy exchange and allow the reduction of inner temperature differences up to the minimum values. This result is obtained by an interior recirculating pump and a thorough distribution system.
  • In-line filter that can be cleaned during operation.
  • Interior wide radius structure easy to clean.
  • Solid construction made of well supplied material thickness and inner radius that guarantees a long useful life.
  • Sides and lids isolated with an 50 mm polyurethane of 40 kg/m3 density that reduce leakage and prevent workers from burns.
  • Tank inner heat exchanger built in stainless steel without heat loss,, simple construction, easy to clean and keep in good conditions with condensed water recovery to be returned to the boiler.
  • Direct injection steam system to speed up start-up process permanently checked by the temperature control system.
  • Connection devices for water inflow, tank unload and overflow.
  • Lid built with water seal to avoid heat loss.
  • Control and monitoring process system consisting of a touch screen and controllers for product temperature, water and its level. The system allows to file different cooking recipes, log-in different operation ranks (worker-supervisor) passwords , log-in operator code, date, batch number, product name, etc.
  • System allows to get and record graphics of water and product temperature in order to file batch history, that is basic information to apply HACCP control system.
  • Cooking tanks are built over legs adjustable for height that separate them from the floor that allow a fast cleaning and guarantee an easy control of possible leakages.

Control panel

Cooking processes are controlled by a master board for all the tanks of a same installation; products recipes can be filed in said control panel as well as operation authorization levels of each operator/ user/ master chef.


Staggered cooking system controlled by the control panel related to product and water temperature. HD colour graphical interface for the monitoring, change and edition of cooking recipes.


Multiple recipes can be created and/or edited by steps, times and temperatures adjusted to each product.


Data record by cooking batch and operator filed in FLASH memory card.

Process graphical display . Temperature vs. time.

Multiple Moulding System per level and per Mould line with different options.


Water immersion sausages cooking system


We provide complete systems for cooking and chilled cooked meat products.


Demoulding Systems per Mould Level and per Mould Line.