chilling system

Water immersion sausages chilling system


Water immersion chilling systems applied for products stuffed in waterproof guts have following characteristics:erizan por:

  • Fast chilling process after cooking procedure.
  • Smaller occupied area in plant.
  • Less energy consumption .
  • Minor investment.

Meat sausages, once cooked, must be chilled the soonest possible in order for them to keep the conditions of bacterial load obtained upon the end of cooking process, which in case of sausages products , this process almost becomes a pasteurized condition.
As is well known, critical temperature for the development of bacteria and microorganisms is between 25º C and 50ºC, for which reason it is advisable that transition during chilling process be as fast as possible.

So important is this issue that it was regulated by the USDA from USA wherein Food Safety & Inspection Service Department (FSIS) stated as per regulation 7110.3 that a cooked meat product, once cooked, can not be kept for more than 1.5 hs between 130ºF and 80ºF (56º a 26ºC) and no more than 5hs between the 80ºF and 40º F (26º A 4.4ºc).

Compliance with this regulation is quite beneficial for product useful life, but it is not so easy to achieve through traditional air chilling systems.

Creminox’s water chilling method guarantees that internal meat products temperatures is within regulation FSIS 7110.30 requirements thanks to water chilling method chilled at temperatures closed to Oº C.

This method guarantees fast cooling processes with a minimum energy consumption since in order to reach water cooling the refrigerant temperature applied is -3.7º C with optimum KW consumption whichever refrigerant is used as compared to ordinary chamber cooling methods wherein air temperature is around 0ºC and refrigerant’s no less tan -10º C causing higher KW consumption , extended times and important heat loss, not complying with regulation FSIS 7110.3




Structural features

Recommended cold water generation system, usually provided by user, is the open panels system or Falling Fill Chillers through which temperatures around to 0º C with Delta T of only 4º C are reached giving as result a high efficiency and safe system where potential freezes are easily and quickly solved.

Structural characteristics of chilling tanks and its controlling systems follow same parameters than the ones applied for cooking tanks:

  • Inside water distribution system supported by a permanent energetic water –product exchange that allows the reduction of inner temperatures differences up to a minimum level.
  • In-line filter that can be cleaned during operation .
  • Interior wide radius structure easy to clean.
  • Solid construction made of a well supplied material thickness and inner radius that guarantees a long useful life.
  • Tank inner heat exchanger built in stainless steel without heat loss, simple construction, easy to clean and keep in good conditions with condensed water recovery to be returned to the boiler.
  • Direct injection steam system to speed up start-up process permanently checked by the temperature control system.
  • Connection devices for water inflow, tank unload and overflow.
  • Lid built with water seal to avoid heat loss.
  • Control and monitoring process system consisting of a touch screen and controllers for product temperature, water and its level. The system allows to file different cooking recipes, log-in different operation ranks (worker-supervisor) passwords , log-in operator code, date, batch number, product name, etc.
  • System allows to get and record graphics of water and product temperature in order file batch history that is basic information to apply HACCP control system.
  • Cooking tanks are built over legs adjustable for height that separate them from the floor that allow a fast cleaning and guarantee an easy control of possible leakages.

Control Panel

Cooking processes are controlled by a master board for all the tanks of a same installation; products recipes can be filed in said control panel as well as operation authorization levels of each operator/ user/ master chef.


Staggered cooking system controlled by the control panel related to product and water temperature. HD colour graphical interface for the monitoring , change and edition of cooking recipes.


Multiple recipes can be created and/or edited by steps, times and temperatures adjusted to each products.


Data record by cooking batch and operator filed in FLASH memory card.

Process graphical display. Temperature vs. time.

Multiple Moulding System per level and per Mould line with different options


Tanks for cooking sausage and cooled by immersion.


We provide complete systems for cooking and chilled cooked meat products.


Demoulding Systems per Mould Level and per Mould Line.