Multiple Moulding per line

Multiple Moulding Manual Compression Multiple Moulding System

The Creminox System represents a technological improvement in the moulded product process.
When it is compared to the conventional individual mould system our innovate integrated solutions shows improvements in all moulded process steps and gives a postivie balance as much in quantitative as in qualitative aspect.

Versatility for multiple products

Multiple batteries






Bacon Multiple Moulding System with individual springs at the top


Standard Bacon Multiple Moulding System

Tower Design Details

Multiple molding tower for bacon with individual springs on each lid.

By means of individual caps with 4 springs in each of them, it allows you to adapt to the height of each product, this will allow to obtain an excellent press, improving its presentation and increasing its performance in the slicing.

Tower Design Details


Stainless steel tool for manual compression


Side handlefor compression and decompression system.


Stainless steel nut with bronze brushing using for manual compression.

Multiple Moulding System per level and per Mould line with different options.

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Tanks for cooking sausage and cooled by immersion.

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We provide complete systems for cooking and chilled cooked meat products.

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Demoulding Systems per Mould Level and per Mould Line.

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